About us


“Bondhu Ek Asha” is not just only an NGO; it is a dream that can change lives, a dream that can help a child smile, a dream that can show a path to the lost souls.
Kolkata, the city of joy has an uncouth face where thousands of orphan, handicapped or underprivileged children are forced to spend their lives on the dirty and dusty streets of the city because of the disparities present in the society. There are children who would perhaps never enjoy the beauty of childhood, some are physically and mentally challenged and are not accepted in society. With an objective of bringing smiles to their faces and lessening their agony, we “Bondhu” started our journey to meet the needs of these destitute children on a local as well as a global scale.
Bondhu-Ek Asha is a Kolkata-based Non-Governmental Organization directly benefitting numerous underprivileged children every year, through welfare projects on education, healthcare, and better livelihood. An apolitical, socio-cultural organization, Bondhu-Ek-Asha was formed on August 01, 2010, by Pritam Sarkar, Sagarika Chatterjee, and Subhas Roy. The organization is headquartered in Behala, Kolkata with the motto *Asha’, since it is our hope or asha to bring a beautiful and brighter tomorrow in the lives of these children.


To view something or someone we need to open our eyes and observe the matter carefully likewise in order to view something unseen we need to open the eyes of our thoughts and feelings. From this viewpoint, our vision is to observe the needs and wants of the “lagging behind society “and fulfill them with all our sincerest efforts to make a wider world where we can live and let live.


The journey of five years has changed many things around us. This also includes some of our missions and objectives. We are primarily going to work on child welfare. Our educational and healthcare projects at Satjelia Sundarban would mark the beginning of this newly marked mission. Likewise in the future, we are planning to adopt a number of underprivileged villages in the neglected parts of India. Other than this, we would continue all our previous activities as per our year planner. We hope to get all your guidance and participation regarding our mission. Be with us, be a friend.

Oraganisational Impact


New Cloths


New Woolen Cloths


Student Received Access To Education


People Received To Free Medicine


People Received Access To Free Plant


people Received Access to Free Sanitary Napniks